Multicolor Swirl Print- Bowl Hot Pad

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This reversible bowl hot pad is great for anyone who needs to hold a hot bowl or pot.

This reversible microwavable hot pad is great for retrieving your bowl from the microwave without burning your fingers! It is constructed with 100% cotton fabric, thread and special batting specifically designed to be used in the microwave. 

Simply place a bowl of food into the bowl hot pad, place it in the microwave, cover as usual and set your time accordingly. When it is time to remove your food from the microwave simply handle the bowl hot pad and you are shielded from the heat. 

This bowl hot pad is essentially a hot pad shaped like a bowl. They are also great for transporting cold food like ice cream. 

Each bowl hot pad has a loop so you can hang it up so it is always ready for use. 

This bowl hot pad makes a great gift!! It is perfect for college students!

Caution: These bowl hot pads are made of 100% cotton, they can catch on fire if used in the  microwave for more than 2 minutes. 

Care Instructions: Machine wash/line dry

Made in the USA. 


All my items are handmade and have slight variations and natural flaws.  All items are sold by Sew Saxony only, with no affiliation or representation of any other company. These are not licensed products. If you have any questions contact me at   Thank you