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This bag steams your potatoes perfectly in the microwave so they come out moist and fluffy. Each bag is made with 100% cotton fabric, thread and batting. The batting is specially designed for items to be used in the microwave, WrapNZap. 

Wash your potato, DO NOT PRICK and place in the bag; each bag will hold 4 medium size potatoes comfortable. Place the bag in the microwave with the flap down. Make sure your bag can fit on the rotating turntable and can move without touching the sides. Cooking times vary for each microwave.

This bag is also great for con on the cob, yams, sweet potatoes, tortillas, and for adding moisture to day-old bread.

Care Instructions: Machine wash/line dry

Made in the U.S.A.


Items are handmade and have slight variations and natural flaws.  All items are made and sold by Sew Saxony only, with no affiliation or representation of any other company. These are not licensed products. If you have any questions contact me at   Thank you


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