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These continuous cup sleeves are created from 100% cotton fabric. You can now hold your hot or cold drink with confidence. The sleeve is designed larger than the paper ones you find at coffee shops; this gives you a larger surface to protect all of your finders. There are three (3) sizes. 

1. Large -  Dickies Yellow 32 oz / Souvenir cup, Yeti 24 oz cup, Tervis 24 oz cup, Starbucks Trenta 30 oz cup

2. Medium - Tervis 16 oz cup Starbucks Venti 20oz cup

3. Small - Tervis 12 oz cup, Starbucks Grande 12oz size cup

These sleeves hug your cup so well and do not slide down even after a full day of use. 

Care Instructions: Machine wash/line dry

Pattern designed by Jess OklaRoots.

Made in the U.S.A.


Items are handmade and have slight variations and natural flaws.  All items are made and sold by Sew Saxony only, with no affiliation or representation of any other company. These are not licensed products. If you have any questions contact me at   Thank you

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